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Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: #AGA_2016 @KGeorgievaEU "imagine if refugees were a country, 130 million, would be 10th largest in the world. Also fastest growing"
EuroFoundationCentreThe #RefugeeCrisis came upon us like a slow motion tsunami. We stood and stared and hoped it would pass. It didn't. @KGeorgievaEU #AGA_2016
Ruby JohnsonEFC retweeted: @bouckap "Why do people fleeing from violence, need to go through so much unnecessary humiliation and suffering" #AGA_2016 @The_EFC
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: #AGA_2016 @bouckap even if 2015 refugee levels maintained in Europe, they'd be 0.74% of population by the end of 2017, in Lebanon it is 25%
EuroFoundationCentreThe deal with Turkey buys the EU some time but it is doomed to fail - @bouckap #AGA_2016
EuroFoundationCentreDon't confuse "miracles" with "people doing their best when the worst is happening" - @bbclysedoucet #AGA_2016
EuroFoundationCentreThese are the Syrians who will (re)build Syria one day - @bbclysedoucet #RefugeeCrisis #AGA_2016
Natalie RossEFC retweeted: 80%+ of refugees live in developing countries. 95% of Syrian refugees live in bordering countries -- not in Europe. #AGA_2016 @bbclysedoucet
EuroFoundationCentrePeople landing on foreign shores used to be called explorers. Now we call them migrants. Refugees. Scroungers. @bbclysedoucet #AGA_2016
EuroFoundationCentreAmsterdam is a city with a long proud history of philanthropy - @KajsaOllongren #AGA_2016
EuroFoundationCentreKatherine Watson of @ECF_tweets encourages delegates at #aga_2016 to take inspiration from surroundings and look towards the future together
ERSTE FoundationEFC retweeted: @The_EFC aga starts now!