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ERSTE FoundationEFC retweeted: See the exhibition "#Srebrenica Today" from 10 - 24 May at #PhilanthropyHouse in #Brussels at @The_EFC
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: Nominate someone who has shown leadership/results for the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize!
Christopher CarnieEFC retweeted: Closing space in UK for #civilsociety in new @cafonline report (TX @The_EFC )
EuroFoundationCentreNew report from @cafonline on UK policy and the global closing space for #civilsociety #shrinkingspace
Charity Tax GroupEFC retweeted: Hanna Surmatz @The_EFC gives a European charity perspective on the EU VAT Action Plan #charitytax2016
EuroFoundationCentre#AGA_2016 opens 26 May with “The #RefugeeCrisis – alleviating today’s needs while developing tomorrow’s solutions”
EuroFoundationCentreSurvey: What are EFC members and key funders in Europe doing in the field of #disability?
Wellcome TrustEFC retweeted: A new window into disease: @UK_Biobank launches scanning study of 100,000 people #bigdata
KBFoundationEFC retweeted: Supporting families confronted with violent radicalisation
EuroFoundationCentreCall for Proposals focusing on #WomenEmpowerment from Fondation Chanel
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: Call for nominations for the 2016 Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize deadline: 18 May
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: Download the Alliance app for Android now!
WINGSEFC retweeted: Grantmaking for Social Justice and Peace Report: An Interview with Avila Kilmurray
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: Alliance breakfast club – #Refugees and #migration: philanthropy responds