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Fundación BarriéEFC retweeted: La Fundación Barrié, anfitriona de la reunión europea de altos directivos de finanzas de #fundaciones (@The_EFC)…
Jacobs FoundationEFC retweeted: BOLD - Blog on Learning & Development is launched! Read the first posts: & follow @blog_bold
NPOCoalition on FATFEFC retweeted: Fruitful workshop on experience-sharing at country-level by multiple stakeholders on effective implementation of…
Jim MetcalfeEFC retweeted: 1 week on remembering fondly colleagues on inaugural @The_EFC China-Europe leadership programme. Amazing experience!
Foundation CenterEFC retweeted: Did you follow the #UNGA conversations on Twitter today? Check out @PhilSDGs feed for highlights fm today!
SDG PhilanthropyEFC retweeted: 'SDG Philanthropy Platform a good way for funders to engage governments in-country' - Kim Kerr @MastercardFdn
EuroFoundationCentreWebinar: Sympathy for the Commons: an introduction to the Commons as a political paradigm... 26 Sept. @EDGEFunders
bhekinkosi moyoEFC retweeted: Discussing findings of the shrinking space for civil society project @The_EFC @SthrnAfrcaTrust @InfoAPN
EuroFoundationCentrePhilanthropy has an essential role to play in building more inclusive, equitable and sustainable cities!
Jenny HodgsonEFC retweeted: See our fabulous supporters for the Global Summit on Community #Philanthropy #ShiftThePower @both_ends @CFLeads
EuroFoundationCentreHighlights from the opening of 'Divina Natura - Art in Ancient Civilisations' #accessibility
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: A call to foundations: Divest now from #fossilfuels - FREE to read thanks to @RockBrosFund
Alliance magazineEFC retweeted: Now free to read: A new era for African philanthropy? by @bheki_moyo @SthrnAfrcaTrust
Daily MaverickEFC retweeted: Op-Ed: Should philanthropy be funding arts and culture? @shelaghgastrow
EuroFoundationCentreBudgets should include #accessibility - first comes the choice to make it important @BELvuemuseum @vangoghmuseum @NEMOoffice