The second edition of the EFC Philanthropic Leadership Platform China-Europe took place in Beijing,  China from 10 to 20 September. This unique initiative brings 20 Participants from China and Europe together with the aim to improve the leadership capability of emerging foundation leaders connecting philanthropists in Europe and China.  In this second year of exchange, the selection process was again extremely competitive due to the high standard and quality of all applications. The selected cohort of 20 foundations staff represented the diversity, strength and spirit of the philanthropic sector across Europe and China.

Participants dived into an intensive, ten-day leadership development programme and enhanced their leadership skills by sharing with each other their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns. The programme, which was born from the firm belief that learning from each other is key to tackling such questions, is funded by Stiftung Mercator and led by the EFC in partnership with the China Global Philanthropy Institute.  

The programme also allowed European participants to get an overview of the developments of the sector in China and meet some of their most prominent actors and found that philanthropic organisations across the globe are grappling with the same fundamental questions around impact, effecting change, and understanding their role in taking on societal challenges. Amongst those key actors, we are proud to mention Mr. Lu Dezhi, founder of the Huamin Charity Foundation, who just published his English version of “Trilogy of Capital and Sharing”. Mr Lu Dezhi, a philanthropist and firm believer in cross-cultural fertilisation, has appointed Mr. Gerry Salole, the EFC’s Chief Executive, as the ambassador for his book amongst the European philanthropic community.

Mr Salole and Mr. Lu Dehzi agreed to promote this cooperation between China and Europe through the EFC.