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    New Book Explores “Giving While Living” Approach to Philanthropy

    On the 18 of September, the Atlantic Philanthropies released Atlantic Insights: Giving While Living, a 56-page publication that explores Founder Charles “Chuck” Feeney’s long-standing belief in “Giving While Living”.

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    Kultura Nova Foundation launches call for papers for upcoming conference

    Kultura Nova Foundation has launched a call for papers for their conference, “Participatory Governance in Culture: Exploring Practices, Theories and Policies. DO IT TOGETHER”. This international and interdisciplinary conference intends to address a number of issues and concerns about the challenges, limitations and perspectives that cultural research, practices and policies are increasingly facing around the concept of participatory governance in culture.

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    The laureates of two Evens Foundation prizes have been announced – the 2017 Prize for Peace Education and the 2017 Prize for Media Education

    The Evens Prize for Peace Education 2017 has been won by New-Bridge Integrated College, Northern Ireland and the fifth Evens Prize for Media Education 2017 has been awarded to Zalab, Rome, Italy for its Project Otherness.

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    International Design for All Foundation Good Practice Awards 2017

    In 2016 the Design for All Foundation recognised as 36 Good Practice projects, products and services. These selected candidates are now eligible for the International Design for All Foundation Good Practices Awards 2017.

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    Nominating process for the Tällberg Global Leaders and Leadership Prize now open

    The Board of the Tällberg Foundation have recently launched the Tällberg Global Leaders and the Tällberg Global Leadership Prize. The initiative aims to achieve two goals; firstly, to honour great leaders and hopefully inspire others to imitate them, and secondly, to provoke a conversation about new kinds of leadership and encourage people to demand more from leaders who disappoint them.

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    Fritt Ord’s Digital Lives project comes to Philanthropy House

    The European Foundation Centre is excited to introduce the public to the thought-provoking work of the Fritt Ord Foundation. An exhibition, named ‘Digital Lives’, will be held at Philanthropy House from the 8th of February until the end of March and it promises to be an incredibly unique opportunity for all attendees.

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    Call for the 11th edition of the Carlos V European Awards is now open

    The Carlos V European Awards, organised by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, recognise the role carried out by the leading characters and driving forces behind the European building process. The awards were created with the purpose of rewarding individuals, organisations, projects or initiatives that have contributed to the general knowledge and exaltation of the cultural, social, scientific and historical values of Europe.

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    Fondazione Cariplo celebrates its 25th birthday with special event in Milan

    On the 16th December Fondazione Cariplo, one of the most influential organisations in philanthropy not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and the world, is celebrating its 25th birthday with a special event in Milan.

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    Cariplo Foundation celebrate 25 years of philanthropic activity

    The Cariplo Foundation are celebrating 25 years of philanthropic service, supporting people, communities and territories in Italy. To acknowledge this milestone, a free event will be held for the general public on the 16 December with music, entertainment, theatre and many notable guests from the world of entertainment, sport and culture.

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    Fondazione Cariplo interview with Giuseppe Guzzetti

    The interview was an opportunity to discuss the activities of the Cariplo Foundation alongside civil society organisations, to better understand the history of community foundations and the most significant projects implemented over the last 25 years.