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    The Rockefeller Foundation Grants $4.6M to tackle climate change through Innovative Design Competition

    The Rockefeller Foundation recently announced a $4.6 million grant to a coalition of Bay Area leaders to create the Bay Area: Resilient by Design Challenge – a competition that will engage regional innovators, policy makers, designers, architects, developers, and others in developing creative, realistic and long-lasting infrastructure solutions for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    In community philanthropy, relying on existing local institutions is the answer

    In this interview in openDemocracy, EFC Chief Executive Gerry Salole explains the importance of recognising that local communities have a better understanding of their own exigencies and needs and why this is crucial in terms of ‘shifting the power’.

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    Fondazione Cariplo celebrates its 25th birthday with special event in Milan

    On the 16th December Fondazione Cariplo, one of the most influential organisations in philanthropy not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and the world, is celebrating its 25th birthday with a special event in Milan.

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    Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) launches new Food Sustainability Index

    On December 7th, the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) launched their new Food Sustainability Index tool at the European Parliament, Brussels. The index, which was created with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks countries based on three different pillars; nutritional challenges, sustainable agriculture and food loss and waste. The index currently covers 25 countries, 87% of GDP and 2/3 of the global population.

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    Stiftung Mercator publishes their Carbon Footprint

    EFC member Stiftung Mercator is committed to ensuring the success of energy transition in Germany. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change is a goal that Stiftung Mercator wishes to promote through their own activities. They have recently clearly stated that their aim is to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions and fully offset any emissions that cannot be avoided.

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    Raymond Georis Debate 2016: “Youthful perspectives on age-old problems”

    The EFC’s annual Raymond Georis event, taking place this year in the shape of a debate, brought together three young Europeans to give their own perspectives on the critical issues faced by Europe today. What are their thoughts on where Europe is headed? Where do they see the pitfalls – and opportunities – lying ahead in the coming years? What are their frustrations with the current systems in place and what do they feel can, and should, be done to fix them?

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    Latest EFC mapping explores how the climate is changing in European environmental funding

    The third volume of the publication was officially launched during EFC’s 6th annual European Environmental Funders Group at Philanthropy House, with the 75 foundations covered in the study providing 2,913 environmental grants, amounting to €479.1 million in 2014.

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    Philanthropy and the New Urban Agenda – highlights from Habitat III

    The EFC’s Funders Forum on Sustainable Cities took part in the United Nations HABITAT III conference from 17-20 October in Quito during which Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thanked institutional philanthropy for its invaluable contribution to sustainable urban development.

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    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gifts $210 Million to Health Initiative

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has gifted the University of Washington $210 million in support of the Population Health Initiative. The Initiative, launched in May, seeks to improve population health and well-being locally and globally, with a focus on three key areas – human health, environmental resiliency, and social and economic equity.

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    Last Week to Apply for the Premio Daniel Carasso Prize 2017

    The Premio Daniel Carasso is an individual research prize awarded by the Fondation Daniel and Nina Carasso. It intends to reward an outstanding scientific researcher on sustainable food systems and diets for long term health and is worth €100,000.