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    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Pledge $170 Million to Help Empower Women Economically and Encourage Change

    In a recent article published in Quartz, Melinda Gates highlighted the important role women have to play by stating; “when money flows into the hands of women who have the authority to use it, everything changes.” She also revealed that the Gates Foundation are pledging $170 Million to help to empower women economically and encourage change. 

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    EFC Gender Equality Network – what can the philanthropy sector do to address the challenges of equality in research and science?

    Hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation, a meeting at the end of November saw the EFC’s Gender Equality and Research Forum networks organise a joint meeting, bringing together representatives from across Europe to discuss specific gender related issues. The aim of the Gender Equality network is to advance and promote work on equality, sharing knowledge and experience in supporting gender issues. In trying to mainstream equality beyond women’s empowerment, the gap between men and women will be lessened.

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    Funding for women’s rights groups in poor countries falls by more than half

    Funding to women’s rights organisations has fallen by more than half over the past five years, despite recent studies that suggest the work of such groups brings the greatest long-term improvement to women’s lives.
    A review of financial support given by major donor countries, conducted by Gendernet, a subsidiary body of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) development assistance committee, found that just 0.5% – $192m (£144m) – of the billions of dollars allocated to promote gender equality in poorer countries in 2014 was reported as going to women’s rights organisations. The figure was down from 1.2% in 2011.

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    Fondation Chanel launches call for proposals focusing on women empowerment for 2016

    Fondation Chanel has launched a call for proposals focusing on women empowerment. The foundation welcomes proposal submissions from local, national and regional Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and social businesses with innovative and high-impact gender equality programmes.

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    EFC Member Global Greengrants Fund wins Council on Foundations Award

    The Global Greengrants Fund has won the Council on Foundations’ Wilmer Shields Rich Award for Excellence in Communications. The Global Greengrants Fund is a leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action on a global scale. The award was received as a result of the Fund’s Women and Climate Communications Program. This program aims to crystalise the […]

    EFC Conference will inspire the world of philanthropy to ‘imagine and invest in our future’

    Brussels, 3 February 2016 – Taking place during the Netherlands’ Presidency of the EU, the European Foundation Centre’s 27th Annual General Assembly and Conference will convene more than 750 philanthropic leaders and representatives from INGOs, academia and policymakers in Amsterdam in May. The conference will engage a diverse array of philanthropic actors to find solutions […]

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    20th anniversary Grantmakers East Forum: Creating opportunities, overcoming divides

    Representing the intersection between Asia and Europe, Istanbul was an ideal venue to reflect the conference theme, with a variety of different cultures cohabiting the city and a vibrant civil society striving for social progress, democratic changes and greater transparency.

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    Big Lottery Fund launches £48.5m grant fund for women’s charities

    The Big Lottery Fund has announced that it will be investing £48.5m in both existing and new voluntary sector initiatives to help women and girls at risk of sexual or domestic abuse. BIG’s Women and Girls Initiative is offering funding grants of anywhere between £150,000 and £750,000 over five years to charities “whose primary purpose […]

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    EFC thematic network on gender equality publishes report on grantmaking with a gender lens

    The EFC’s thematic network on gender equality has published its first collaborative work, titled “Grantmaking with a gender lens”. This is the first joint project of the network and is the result of a meeting that took place in Brussels earlier this year.

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    Policy Par Là, Are we leaving girls out of the equation? – A dilemma for progress on equalities and policy making

      ​For the latest Policy Par Là we were joined by Lakshmi Sundaram, the Executive Director of Girls Not Brides, a global partnership of more than 400 civil society organisations to end child marriage. At the heart of the Par Là policy insight series is the desire to spur debate and assess flaws in current […]