Third Swiss Foundation House established in Basel

    Basel becomes the third Swiss  city with a Foundation House (Maison des Fondations), following Geneva and Zurich. The relocation of the headquarters of Christophe Merian Stiftung in Basel created some space for the implementation of a similar project in Basel offering the chance to strengthen cooperation and connections between foundations and promote their work.

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    Wellcome Trust to open new office in Berlin – creating new opportunities with international partners

    EFC and Research Forum member, Wellcome Trust, has decided to open a new office in Berlin later in 2018 in the hopes of creating more opportunities for collaboration with international partners sharing similar goals and priorities. 

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    Strengthen Employee Engagement with Personalisation and Purpose – key learnings from EFC webinar

    Last week, the EFC hosted a virtual dialogue with 16 of its members.  Facilitated by Kimberly Manno Reott of Context Partners, participants explored top challenges in effective employee engagement.             

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    Raymond Georis Debate 2017 – Philanthropy and public policy: legitimate players or interlopers?

    The Raymond Georis event this year took the form of an internal reflection of the sector (“entre-nous, chez-nous”) on 21 November. The event took place against a backdrop of increasingly critical eyes being cast at the legitimacy of philanthropic organisations working – some would argue controversially – in the sphere of public policy and advocacy. At the same time, politicians and the media have also begun questioning the sector’s legitimacy across the board.

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    EuroPhilantopics 2017 discusses the legitimacy of the philanthropic sector

    The philanthropic sector has been pushed into the public eye of late, mostly due to a poor understanding of the sector. Some are questioning the legitimacy of the sector; whether private money should be used to change the landscape of society or even for political purposes. This has been seen in numerous countries where organisations receiving grants from foreign funders are coming under pressure, with the issue also raised in the European Parliament.

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    ECNL publishes research on fundraising regulation – detailing patterns and best practices of legislation and self-regulation of fundraising activities

    The European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL) has recently published extensive research research on fundraising regulation detailing patterns and best practices of legislation and self-regulation of fundraising activities. There has been a limited amount of research regarding how civil society organisation fundraising is regulated, and this report is attempting to fill the gap and highlight the legal framework for fundraising in Europe. 

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    George Soros takes a stand against hatemongering propaganda in Hungary

    This year has seen George Soros and the Open Society Foundations come under fire in Hungary. With an increasing number of allegations, Soros has decided to speak out and has decided to take a public stand against the so-called “national consultation” survey, which the the Hungarian government mailed to all eight million eligible Hungarian voters purporting to solicit their opinions about a so-called “Soros Plan.”

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    Fondation Lombard Odier forms partnership with the University of Geneva for a new Centre for Philanthropy in Geneva

    The University of Geneva has recently launched the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy in partnership with a number of Geneva’s major foundations in the aim to cater for the global needs of the sector and help to build its international reputation. 

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    What can private development and humanitarian funders do to address the ever-increasing shrinking space for civil society?

    Today the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS) have launched a paper which addresses the trend of closing civil society space, how it is impacting development and humanitarian funders and actors, and sets out potential solutions to deal with the issue. The paper is the result of a one year joint EFC/FICS collaboration involving different types of funders and actors who participated in roundtables and interviews to devise effective, possible responses to reverse this worrying trend. 

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    European Cultural Foundation opens applications for Managing Director

    Our friends at the ECF have recently announced that the position of Managing Director is open for application. In continuing the ECF’s mission to work with civil society across Europe, contributing to open and inclusive communities through culture, the new managing director will lead a great team and steer an invaluable European organisation into its next decades.