Changing space for civil society and importance for charities to engage around terrorism financing policies

    The importance for charities and charity monitoring agencies to engage with policy makers around preventing terrorism financing and money laundering was debated at the annual conference of the International Association of National Charity Monitoring Agencies (ICFO) on 16th June 2017 in Berlin. The EFC was invited as an external expert to present the revised Financial Action Task Force policy Recommendation 8 on the non-profit sector and how its national implementation is monitored via national evaluations.

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    Hungarian Parliament approves NGO Law on June 13th – acts of solidarity in several European cities

    Despite criticism and protests from the EU, other policymakers, civil society and the philanthropy sector, the foreign funded NGO law was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament yesterday with 130 yes, 44 no, 24 abstaining, 1 didn’t vote.

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    Kultura Nova Foundation launches call for papers for upcoming conference

    Kultura Nova Foundation has launched a call for papers for their conference, “Participatory Governance in Culture: Exploring Practices, Theories and Policies. DO IT TOGETHER”. This international and interdisciplinary conference intends to address a number of issues and concerns about the challenges, limitations and perspectives that cultural research, practices and policies are increasingly facing around the concept of participatory governance in culture.

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    EFC membership votes in new Management Committee and Governing Council members

    The EFC’s Annual General Assembly of Members voted in new members of the EFC governing bodies at its gathering in Warsaw on 1 June. Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, has become the new EFC Chair; and Christina Lambropoulou, Chief Financial Officer of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, has been confirmed as Treasurer. Rui Esgaio, […]

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    Massimo Lapucci (Fondazione CRT) elected new chair of the European Foundation Centre

    Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, is the new Chair of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), based in Brussels. Lapucci, who takes up the position today on the last day of the EFC’s international conference, “Courage to Re-embrace Solidarity in Europe, Can Philanthropy take the lead?”, was unanimously elected at the EFC Annual General Assembly in Warsaw.

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    Ewa Kulik, EFC chair, interviewed on Solidarity, theme of our annual conference

    Just a week before the start of our conference in Warsaw, “Courage to re-embrace solidarity – Can philanthropy take the lead?”, our chair Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, Executive Director of the Stefan Batory Foundation is interviewed by Alliance Magazine on what philanthropy can do to retrieve the current situation in Poland which is threatening civil society and what solidarity with one’s peers in that country can achieve.

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    The EFC launches the Institutional Philanthropy Spectrum

    The European Foundation Centre (EFC) has launched the Institutional Philanthropy Spectrum (IPS). Its aim is to better understand and document the characteristics, practices, role and relevance of institutional philanthropy in society. You’re a practitioner ‒ a foundation, a corporate funder, a grantmaker, an adviser, a researcher on philanthropy ‒ so get involved!

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    EFC members speak out in support of NGOs in Hungary

    Over the past month, the Hungarian government has adopted a law designed to expel Central European University from Budapest and is currently considering a law that would restrict NGO activity in the country. If enacted, the measure will depress investment from both international and local philanthropic organisations, and starve NGOs of resources necessary to provide key services and meet basic human needs.

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    International Design for All Foundation Good Practice Awards 2017

    In 2016 the Design for All Foundation recognised as 36 Good Practice projects, products and services. These selected candidates are now eligible for the International Design for All Foundation Good Practices Awards 2017.

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    Hungarian government proposes bill on foreign funded organisations

    The Hungarian government is proposing to introduce legislation that would require NGOs in Hungary that receive more than 24,000 EUR in foreign funding to register as foreign funded organisations. The Hungarian draft law on the ‘transparency of organisations supported from abroad’ was submitted to the Hungarian Parliament on the 7th of April, however it is not yet clear how quickly the Parliament will move ahead.