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    Zero Project 2018: Call for Nominations on Accessibility

    The Zero Project, an initiative of EFC member the Essl Foundation, is inviting leading experts and organisations to nominate innovative practices and policies concerning this year’s topic:

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    Ford Foundation commits $1 billion to mission-related investing

    The Ford Foundation has announced plans to commit up to $1 billion of its $12 billion endowment over ten years to mission-related investing — the largest commitment to MRIs by a private foundation to date.

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    EU Pro Bono Awards 2017 – Call for nominations now open!

    The Good Lobby has recently announced the launch of the EU Pro Bono Awards for 2017. The awards aim to celebrate collaboration between citizen professionals and civil society organisations working for the public interest at the European level.

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    Call for proposals for the Italian Research in Philanthropy Awards

    Departments from the University of Torino, the Catholic University of Milano, and the Association of Italian grant-making foundations invite scholars to submit research proposals in the field of philanthropic foundations. Four proposals will be selected and awarded a €3,000 grant each. The awards not only aim to encourage and support specific research activity in the domain, but also to support both theoretical and empirical research that analyses the role of foundations in:

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    In community philanthropy, relying on existing local institutions is the answer

    In this interview in openDemocracy, EFC Chief Executive Gerry Salole explains the importance of recognising that local communities have a better understanding of their own exigencies and needs and why this is crucial in terms of ‘shifting the power’.

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    Barrow Cadbury Trust chosen to run new Access Social Investment Infrastructure Fund

    The Barrow Cadbury Trust has recently been selected to run the Access Social Investment Infrastructure Fund. The Access Fund – initially set up by a group of organisations including EFC member, the Big Lottery Fund – was created to provide a mix of grants and loans to develop the social investment market.

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    Fondazione Cariplo celebrates its 25th birthday with special event in Milan

    On the 16th December Fondazione Cariplo, one of the most influential organisations in philanthropy not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and the world, is celebrating its 25th birthday with a special event in Milan.

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    Study on the comparison of tax percentage designation in European countries

    The ERSTE Foundation has recently commissioned a research project, Assessment of the Impact of the Percentage Tax Designations: Past, Present, Future, which compares tax percentage designation in several European countries. Since the 1990s, some European countries have introduced a tax designation concept – varying from country to country. The concept’s core principle is to grant the right to a taxpayer to designate 1-2% of their paid income tax to a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, church or other type of public benefit entity.

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    The West Africa Civil Society Institute announce a call for papers for upcoming conference

    The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) has issued a call for papers for their upcoming conference, Civil Society and Philanthropy in Africa: Contexts, Contradictions, and Possibilities. They are inviting theoretical, philosophical and empirical submissions drawing on the best investigative traditions and approaches from the entire spectrum of the social sciences, including, but not necessarily limited to, economics, history, psychology, cultural studies, philosophy, sociology, political science, and anthropology

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    EDGE Funders announce Call for Sessions for upcoming Just Giving Conference 2017

    EDGE Funders have announced a Call for Sessions for their upcoming Just Giving Conference 2017. The Conference will be held in Barcelona on 25 – 28 April, 2017 and will discuss how citizen action and progressive philanthropy can re-organise power to build the new and overcome the extractive economy.