Earlier this month the Aga Khan Foundation announced the inauguration of a new cross boarder energy line in Rushan, Eastern Tajikistan which it has supported. Installed by Pamir Energy, an Aga Khan Development Network project company, it was supported by the German and Tajikistan Governments. 

This new energy line will provide long-term sustainable energy to five villages in the Rushan district, bringing light and warmth to 7,800 people in Tajikistan and in Northern Afghanistan. For many this will be the first time they will be receiving energy. 

Access to this energy will allow development of the regions, encouraging businesses to grow, resulting in more employment opportunities. There will also be improved health conditions for individuals, as well as a significant environmental impact due to more limited reliance on wood and diesel, which led to deforestation and carbon emissions. 

You can read more about this life changing project here