The EFC and its members are sending more than just our thoughts to the victims of the tragic earthquake which hit Nepal on 25th April. The information below is regularly updated to show the response of both the EFC and its members:

Joint response from the EFC and the Global Fund for Community Foundations

Together with the Global Fund for Community Foundations, the EFC has identified a local community foundation – Tewa – that has built up trust locally over the past 20 years, is known to local players and has the networks, informal and formal, to make the support available to develop a process of reconstruction to enable communities to cope, recover and sustain themselves.  A giving platform is in place and funds can be transferred directly
Other responses from EFC members:
Fondation de France
Fondation De France Foundation has made ​​€200,000 available in aid and has launched an appeal for donations to help the most vulnerable populations in the area. Funds raised will be used to support associations who help children, who are helping to rebuild houses and schools or are working on other related activities.

Stiftung Deutsche Welthungerhilfe 
The Welthungerhilfe emergency response team, together with THW (Technisches Hilfswerk) and Malteser, is on the way to the disaster area providing support to the colleagues on the ground. They have also set up an account for donations.

United Nations Foundation:
The United Nations humanitarian system is urgently responding to the crisis providing help in a range of areas from personnel to emergency health kits. More information is available via the link below.

Other responses

The Asia Foundation
The Asia Foundation is supporting the Give2Asia 2015 Nepal Earthquake Fund. Give2Asia is currently conducting our initial assessments with local partners in Nepal to develop a long-term rehabilitation initiative that factors in environmental, psycho-social, education, livelihood, and healthcare needs.

Global Fund for Women
Global Fund for Women is acting quickly to provide crisis support to some of our long-standing grantee partners like Women for Human Rights and Tewa, and trusted women-led groups in communities in Nepal and India that have been hardest hit by the earthquake and powerful aftershocks. The money will help address these most immediate needs they are identifying, as well as long-term efforts to rebuild their communities.