Diving into the work of organisations that see democracy as a key component of their activity we could identify four distinct approaches:

  • The MAINSTREAMERS: the first most common strand of work is a general and systemic intervention including through research and advocacy;
  • The PLURALISTS : a second approach is work to support pluralistic, open societies based on tolerance and diversity;
  • The HARMONISTS: the third strand of work is that of solidarity, togetherness to advance cohesion and equality;
  • The POWER SHIFTERS: the fourth approach is about shifting the power to the lowest level in our society where it makes sense, it’s about subsidiarity or devolution.

Through the latest analysis, we also found out that among the respondents having a fixed mandate, it has no bearing on whether an institution supports democracy.

On the other hand, supporting democracy does overlap with work on International Affairs, Migration, Rights and Peace, Roma, Women/Gender, Solidarity, and Sustainable Development.

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