In the run up to the European Day of Foundations and Donors on 1 October, the EFC and DAFNE have issued a Joint Statement on the importance of celebrating a day which recognises the diverse work undertaken by our sector and how it impacts our society.

Joint Statement:

Events are taking place across Europe celebrating the work of philanthropy and foundations.  European Day of Foundations and Donors, 1 October, aims to highlight the work of public benefit foundations in Europe and promote a culture of giving.

Across Europe over 140,000 foundations invest some €60bn annually in an array of organisations and activities that contribute to public benefit.  They operate however in a complex environment determined by regulations, codes of practice, the economy, technology, and the prevailing culture of philanthropy and like the weather this is constantly changing.

Magdalena Pękacka, vice-chair of DAFNE said, ‘Foundations are facing a cooling climate and volatile weather conditions.  In Poland, I can feel the cold wind blowing from new legislation aligning and restricting government funding for civil society organizations that foster democracy and rule of law.  National and international associations and donors forums work for 365 days of the year to create a good climate for foundations and donors to work in and to help them be equipped for changes in the weather.  For one day however, October 1st, we hold a Europe-wide celebration of their work.’

The challenges being faced are the subject of a joint DAFNE / European Foundation Centre (EFC) study, to be published later this month, which will seek to identify constraints and identify opportunities to release philanthropic potential across Europe.

Massimo Lapucci, Chair of the European Foundation Centre said, ‘Our sector encompasses a wide variety of institutional philanthropies in myriad shapes and sizes and with diverse purposes. On October 1st, we celebrate this diversity and come together as one voice to celebrate the unique and essential contribution these organisations make to improving the lives of citizens around Europe and the world.’

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