The European Commission has officially responded to concerns voiced by the EFC over the situation in Hungary. A response written to EFC CEO Gerry Salole, acknowledged receiving the EFC’s statement in support of NGO’s in Hungary and assured that the Commission is closely following the recent developments in Hungary and has taken action to address specific concerns.

On 26 April 2017, the Commission launched infringement proceedings by sending a letter of formal notice to the Hungarian Government on the Hungarian Higher Education Law, which raised concerns with regard to its compatibility with internal market freedoms, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Union’s obligations under international trade law. In addition, the Commission has stated that they may decide to move to subsequent stages of the infringement procedure if Hungary’s response to the formal notice is not considered satisfactory.

The Commission has stated that it is aware of the recent law adopted on registration of NGO’s in Hungary and has raised concerns. The Commission states that it remains strongly committed to upholding the values on which the EU is founded and also recognises that civil society is the very fabric of democratic societies, and thus it will not hesitate to take action if EU law is violated.

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