The GHR Foundation has recently created a new and exciting initiative, the BridgeBuilder Challenge. Designed in collaboration with OpenIDEO, the BridgeBuilder programme will support organisations working to address urgent global challenges at the intersections of peace, prosperity and planet in radically new ways. GHR will award a share of $1 million in funding to selected top ideas from non-profit and for profit organisations within the U.S. and worldwide working on solutions that bridge these issues.

View the submission criteria.

The call for proposals will remain open to organisations around the world until the 14th of April – with top ideas being announced in early July. GHR is looking forward to this programme enabling people around the world to use IDEO’s design methodology to collaboratively develop, share and refine solutions. Already, visitors from 135 countries have contributed more than 100 ideas!

The BridgeBuilder programme is open to all, regardless of faith background or geographic location. To find out more and to get involved, click here to learn about the challenge.