Despite criticism and protests from the EU, other policymakers, civil society and the philanthropy sector, the foreign funded NGO law was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament yesterday with 130 yes, 44 no, 24 abstaining, 1 didn’t vote.

Countless NGOs will be affected by this new law as the picture below demonstrates.

An MP with the list of NGOs that will be affected

Protests and actions of solidarity were organised in Hungary and other European cities. Vera Mora from the Hungarian Ökotars Foundation, who spoke at the recent EFC Conference in Warsaw about the worrying developments for civil society in Hungary, was interviewed by German ARD yesterday.  The Hungary part of the 5pm news is from 6.47 minutes until 8 minutes.   

In Brussels the EFC joined the civil society groups which gathered to show solidarity. Events were also organised in other European cities, e.g. in Warsaw.

The EFC and its members stand in solidarity with Hungarian civil society. During the EFC Closing Plenary of our conference in Warsaw on 2 June, outgoing EFC Chair Ewa Kulik from Polish Batory Foundation announced a new Philanthropic Alliance for Solidarity and Democracy in Europe and only a few weeks before more than 60 EFC members also co-signed a statement in support of civil society in Hungary.