Message from the President, 10.7.2015

Dear collaborators, scholars, and friends of the Bodossaki Foundation,

Europe and the Euro are a non-negotiable achievement for the vast majority of Greeks.

The exit of Greece from the hard core of Europe, and moreover following bankruptcy, would be a national disaster for both economic and geopolitical reasons. For the less privileged members of society in particular, this would have truly tragic consequences for many years to come. A further decline in GDP would result in even lower pensions, higher unemployment and a greater collapse of the health and education systems, which have already been badly affected. Millions of Greeks would be even further impoverished. Such a development would lead to a more violent and socially unjust redistribution of wealth in favour of the rich.

This is not science fiction. The risk of such a nightmare is already real and present.

What should we do? In my view, the basis for an honorable compromise can be a programme that, without applying more recessionary measures, will include all the structural reforms necessary for the Greek economy to be able operate within the conditions that international competition today requires. Greek society must choose between the nightmare of absolute poverty, outside the Euro, and the temporary cost of some absolutely necessary corrective measures.

Let us remember that the human capital of our country is inexhaustible. The contribution of thousands of Greeks living and working abroad is acknowledged on a daily basis, and those who remain in Greece persevere and excel despite the adverse conditions. The economic and humanitarian crisis in our country has highlighted impressive and innovative initiatives across all levels of social life.

The crisis has demonstrated that the social and intellectual resilience of Greeks is very strong. Thus, provided that as our political leaders decide to face up to reality, Greeks everywhere can reverse the current dismal conditions with their talent and ingenuity.

D. S. Vlastos