• EFC member

    Stiftung Mercator publishes their Carbon Footprint

    EFC member Stiftung Mercator is committed to ensuring the success of energy transition in Germany. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change is a goal that Stiftung Mercator wishes to promote through their own activities. They have recently clearly stated that their aim is to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions and fully offset any emissions that cannot be avoided.

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    Fondazione Cariplo interview with Giuseppe Guzzetti

    The interview was an opportunity to discuss the activities of the Cariplo Foundation alongside civil society organisations, to better understand the history of community foundations and the most significant projects implemented over the last 25 years.

    • Philanthropy sector

    Social Change Initiative publishes ‘Conflict-affected Environments: Notes for Grantmakers’

    The Social Change Initiative has supported a project, initially developed by the Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace working group, to promote the active involvement of philanthropic foundations and donors in peace-building.

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    The Winners of the Evens Foundation Science Prize 2016

    Earlier this year, a call for nominations for the Evens Foundation Science Prize 2016 was announced. The prize is designed to award research in the field of cognitive neuroscience that furthers understanding of our behaviour, with special emphasis on ethical, cooperative and altruistic aspects. Following the call and many submissions, the winners of the Evens Foundations Science Prize 2016 have been announced.

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    Three inspiring research practices recognised by the first European Foundations Award for Responsible Research & Innovation

    On Monday 21 November 2016 three European research projects that are contributing actively towards the development of a smart, inclusive and sustainable society were honoured by the European Foundations Award for Responsible Research & Innovation (EFARRI). The Swedish Mistra Urban Futures, Italian water management project IMRR and Spanish miCROWDscopy were selected by a scientific jury from more than 200 applications to receive a prize of €20,000 to continue their valuable work in diverse fields.

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    Carol Mack Named New Chief Executive at the Association of Charitable Foundations

    The Association of Charitable Foundations has announced that Carol Mack, current deputy chief executive, will take over from David Emerson as chief executive from next month. Mack has been deputy chief executive at the membership body for the past 12 years, whilst also holding the chair position at the Wales Funders Forum and vice-chair at Tree Aid.

    • Philanthropy sector

    EDGE Funders announce Call for Sessions for upcoming Just Giving Conference 2017

    EDGE Funders have announced a Call for Sessions for their upcoming Just Giving Conference 2017. The Conference will be held in Barcelona on 25 – 28 April, 2017 and will discuss how citizen action and progressive philanthropy can re-organise power to build the new and overcome the extractive economy.

    • EFC

    Raymond Georis Debate 2016: “Youthful perspectives on age-old problems”

    The EFC’s annual Raymond Georis event, taking place this year in the shape of a debate, brought together three young Europeans to give their own perspectives on the critical issues faced by Europe today. What are their thoughts on where Europe is headed? Where do they see the pitfalls – and opportunities – lying ahead in the coming years? What are their frustrations with the current systems in place and what do they feel can, and should, be done to fix them?

    • Philanthropy sector

    Third Sector Impact Releases Report on Giving the Third Sector the Visibility it Deserves

    The Third Sector Impact (TSI) is a research project that aims to understand the scope and scale of the third sector in Europe, its current and potential impact, and the barriers hindering the third sector to fully contribute to continent’s welfare. The TSI recently held their final conference to address these issues and have subsequently a released a conference report online, Giving the Third Sector the Visibility it Deserves!

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    President of the United States Barack Obama to Deliver a Speech in Athens

    This afternoon, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, will deliver a speech at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. This speech is part of the President’s State visit to Athens – the first one that he has made.