Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces new initiative focusing on the education and empowerment of youth in the 21st century

    Earlier this month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation introduced a new Grand Challenges initiative offering grant opportunities. In collaboration with the Misk Foundation, the Misk Grand Challenges has been launched. The Misk Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic foundation, established by Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and this initiative aims to empower youth with both the skills they needs to succeed in the knowledge economy and with the abilities required to tackle the worlds most challenging problems.

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    Wellcome Trust and The Royal Society seeking evidence and views to inform new framework for research partnerships between the UK and EU

    The long history of partnership in research and innovation between the UK and EU has been a great success. Collaborative research papers between UK and EU partners boost citations, taking scores to twice the world average, while each €1 invested into EU research programmes delivers returns of €11 for society. By working together, the EU and the UK have achieved many research breakthroughs: helping bring medicines to vulnerable populations; accelerating the production of nanoparticles and biotechnologies; and preparing hyper-efficient aircraft for flight testing.

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    What can private development and humanitarian funders do to address the ever-increasing shrinking space for civil society?

    Today the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS) have launched a paper which addresses the trend of closing civil society space, how it is impacting development and humanitarian funders and actors, and sets out potential solutions to deal with the issue. The paper is the result of a one year joint EFC/FICS collaboration involving different types of funders and actors who participated in roundtables and interviews to devise effective, possible responses to reverse this worrying trend. 

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    Upcoming 10 year anniversary of the Coutts Million Pound Donors Report

    The Coutts Million Pound Donors Report tracks the number, size, scale, and destination of £1m+ donations made by individuals, foundations and corporations in the UK, and this year will see the 10 year anniversary report, which will be launched on the 20 November. The data and findings will detail trends over the past 10 years, including interviews with philanthropists. 

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    European Cultural Foundation opens applications for Managing Director

    Our friends at the ECF have recently announced that the position of Managing Director is open for application. In continuing the ECF’s mission to work with civil society across Europe, contributing to open and inclusive communities through culture, the new managing director will lead a great team and steer an invaluable European organisation into its next decades. 

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    Aga Khan Foundation announces inauguration of a new Cross Boarder Energy Line – Rushan I

    Earlier this month the Aga Khan foundation announced a new initiative supporting a cross boarder energy line in Rushan in Eastern Tajikistan. Installed by Pamir Energy, a company developed by the Aga Khan Development Network, it was supported by the German and Tajikistan Governments. 

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    European Environmental Funders Group – 7th Annual Meeting

    There are still a few places available at the European Environmental Funders Group 7th annual meeting taking place on 29-30 November at Philanthropy House in Brussels. The EEFG 7th annual meeting will give funders and diverse stakeholders a chance to connect and exchange knowledge and experience, and will provide a space for strategic reflection on funding opportunities and collaboration.

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    EFC European Democracy Network asks what philanthropy can do about ‘trust and truth in times of fake news’

    The most recent meeting of the EFC’s European Democracy Network took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in October 2017. The meeting,  entitled “Trust and truth in times of fake news: what can philanthropy do?” explored the impact of digital manipulation on our democracies, specifically focusing on public discourse in today’s society. Expert speakers such as Phil Howard of Oxford University analysed what has been seen in recent elections as well as looked ahead at what can be expected in both the short and medium term.

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    How does institutional philanthropy work on democracy? A snapshot of EFC member survey and democracy findings

    Beginning in June 2017, the EFC carried out a survey of its members touching upon various topics, not least how member organisations see their role and that of institutional philanthropy on democracy.

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    Newly established EFC Thematic Network on arts and culture meets to discuss audience engagement

    Following establishment of a new thematic network focusing on arts and culture, the EFC and members met for the first time to discuss the importance of audience engagement in this sector. Art and culture is one of the top five areas that our members support, hence the need to create a platform that brings those involved together to pool ideas and create a strategy that can identify challenges and address them.