A rich exchange as Chinese foundation delegation return to Europe

      A delegation from the Bureau of Administration of NGOs, Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People`s Republic of China, came to Philanthropy House in Brussels as part of the Stiftung Mercator Leadership Exchange Programme. The visit, which took place on 18-19 September, involved a rich exchange between the delegation from China, EFC staff, members […]

    Fundación Barrié opens their doors to a new generation on Foundation Day

    Today more than 100 school children were invited into the headquarters of Fundación Barrié to get to know the foundation from the inside. The whole building was open and the foundation organised presentations, prizes and food for their young visitors. The idea behind this kind of event is to open up the foundation and educate […]

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    Today is the European Day of Foundations and Donors

    Events will take place across Europe on October 1, 2015 to celebrate the work of philanthropy and foundations. European Day of Foundations and Donors aims at highlighting the invaluable and diverse work of public benefit foundations in Europe, promoting the idea of donating, and telling the story of philanthropy.

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    King Baudouin Foundation invests in reception and integration of asylum seekers

    In response to the current refugee crisis, the King Baudouin Foundation is working to create solutions to the problems now facing Belgian society. The Foundation will be offering support to organisations and reception structures in three areas: Providing information and raising awareness among populations who live close to reception centres Providing a framework for citizen […]

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    Philanthropy Leaders Call for Greater Role in Tackling Global Challenges Defined in New Sustainable Development Goals

    Yesterday, more than 150 leaders from philanthropy, government, UN agencies, civil society, and business met to consider how the philanthropy community can connect more with the Sustainable Development Goals over the next 15 years. “Philanthropy Engaged: Implementing and Achieving the Post-2015 Agenda” was hosted by the SDG Philanthropy Platform, a partnership of the United Nations Development […]

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    UN urged to ensure global development indicators count world’s most vulnerable children

    Some of the world’s leading children’s organisations have called on the UN to ensure that children living outside of families are monitored and counted as part of its global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs – in the document, Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Global Action – will guide spending of billions of […]

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    Intellectuals and senior politicians from Central Europe call for solidarity with refugees

    More than 100 intellectuals and high-level politicians from Central Europe, including some former presidents, have submitted an open letter calling on citizens and leaders alike to show solidarity with refugees during the current crisis.

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    Counter terrorism policymaker FATF to revise Recommendation 8 on our sector – high time to get involved

    Recommendation 8 sets out a broad framework for regulation of the non-profit sector to prevent abuse by terrorists. The premise is that NPOs are seen as being particularly vulnerable to abuse for the financing of terrorism in a number of ways that FATF Recommendation 8 sets out: e.g., by being a conduit for funds, by obscuring diversion of funds and by being a front for terrorist organisations.

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    Chinese Delegation Return to Brussels

    On the 18-19 September, the EFC is once more welcoming the Chinese delegation to Brussels following their first visit in July. The delegation represents six foundations and the China Association for Non-Profit Organisations. The visit is jointly organised by the Mercator Programme Centre for International Affairs, Stiftung Mercator and the European Foundation Centre. It functions […]

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    Grant-making by UK foundations rose by 6.4% in the past year, says Association of Charitable Foundations report

    The report says this uplift came despite a £50m fall in grant-making in 2014 by the Wellcome Trust, which is by far the largest individual grant-maker. The £2.5bn in grants given in 2013/14 still falls short, however, of the £2.9bn that was given before the financial crash of 2008, which the report says shows that […]