Family for Every Child, with support from EFC member Lumos and funded by EFC member GHR Foundation, has recently launched the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration. The Guidelines aim to provide practical and effective guidance to stakeholders involved in the reintegration of children into their families and communities. Notable child protection organisations and agencies such as Save the Children, USAID and UNICEF have also been in collaboration with Family for Every Child on the Guidelines since 2011.

Organisations in the child protection sector recognised that separated children were an increasingly urgent priority and that reintegrating them back into a safe and secure family and community was key to their wellbeing and development. It was also recognised that poor quality reintegration could do more harm than benefit to children, and it was with this in mind that the Guidelines came to fruition.

Investing in reintegration is highly strategic as it helps tackle a broad range of child protection concerns, such as institutionalisation, trafficking and sexual exploitation. It also reinforces progress towards several development goals, including those around poverty reduction, education and humanitarian preparedness and response.

The complete Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration can be found here.