As part of the Bodossaki Foundation’s continuous efforts to support unaccompanied migrant and refugee children in Greece, they have launched a TV and online campaign in order to raise public awareness and funds for further action. The campaign, Safe Home, reflects the hardships faced by refugee children in Greece and highlights the urgent need for a safe home.


View the video campaign here.

Through funds raised, the Bodossaki Foundation has been able to achieve a number of major results by working alongside the most experienced and active NGOs in the field. The following achievements occurred in 2016 alone:

  • Two new shelters (with the capacity to accommodate 46 unaccompanied minors) were renovated and offered to Medical Intervention and Praksis
  • Six months of operational costs were covered for the running of the Irida shelter – operated by Medical Intervention
  • Operational costs were covered for six existing shelters scattered around Greece – operated by Praksis and Arsis
  • Support was given to the foster family programme of NGO METAdrasi – whereby Greek families provide a temporary safe home to unaccompanied minors who are in the process of relocation or family reunification, until the legal processes are completed