The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has been invited by the European Commission to conduct a study on the state of existing EU legislation on legal migration. The study will be carried out in conjunction with civil society organisations.

The study aims to examine the specific circumstances identified by civil society organisations in eight EU Member States (Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic and France) when implementing EU legislation on legal migration. The main focus will be on the question of benefits, as well as limitations and gaps in applying this legislation in these countries. This targeted consultation is complementary to the open public consultation that is planned to be launched this Spring 2017 by the European Commission on this subject in the framework of the general evaluation of the Legal Migration legislation at European level.

The online survey aims to gather views from multiple stakeholders (employers’ groups, trade unions and civil society organizations) and seeks to gain a better understanding of what the EU has brought in terms of mobility, social security and protecting citizens’ and residents’ rights.

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