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When we think of Milan, we think of ... foundations! From 20 - 22 May 2015 the EFC will convene its 26th Annual General Assembly and Conference in one of Italy’s busiest cities, and host of World EXPO 2015 which will open on 1 May, a few weeks before our event. We chose Milan with its coinciding EXPO to enable us to create synergies between our flagship conference and the numerous events, organisations and people that EXPO 2015 will attract to Milan. Closely paralleling the EXPO theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, our conference in 2015, entitled “Philanthropy: Visions and Energy for Change”, will not only embrace the challenge of the sustainable development of our planet but will go beyond to also focus on youth, corporate engagement in social equality and community resilience. 
The five main conference areas are:
​Youth driving change
How can philanthropy help harness the energy of tomorrow’s change-makers? What is our role in developing the necessary skills and opportunities for youth that will equip and inspire them to be drivers for sustainable development?
Philanthropy, government and corporate engagement for social equality
What can foundations do to promote more active collaboration between philanthropy, policy makers and corporate engagement to create social equality and sustainable change?
Community resilience
How can foundations help empower communities and enable them to become the drivers of their own sustainable development?
Future of the planet … food for thought
Scientific research, responsible innovation, sustainable development and food security – can the energy of foundations turn the sector’s vision into reality?
Professional development
How can foundations use good practice and shared learning to boost the skills and professional capacities of their staff in order to enhance the sector?