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Against all odds – making gains for LGBTI communities across Africa

Posted on 30 August 2016 | Human rights, citizenship & democracy

Organisations across Africa are working under difficult circumstances to improve human rights for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people and to help them gain equality, dignity and justice. Often, it is an uphill battle. But there have been some encouraging wins. A mixed bag – hope and progress … “The situation in the […]


How can cities challenge inequality and foster inclusive growth?

Posted on 19 August 2016 | Environment & sustainable development

Inequality is rising across the world, but it is perhaps most visible in cities, where the top one percent and those at bottom of the income spectrum live close together. Since rising inequality hurts economic growth, mayors and local officials are increasingly finding themselves at the centre of policy debates about inequality. And since local conditions and dynamics have a huge impact on social and economic mobility, these leaders and their policies play a key role in addressing inequality worldwide.


European Foundational Assembly : who is willing to join a citizens’ initiative?

Posted on 14 July 2016 | Global challenges, peace-buildingHuman rights, citizenship & democracy

The EU integration and expansion process has failed to give rise to a community of destiny. There is a need for citizens to lead the way in reinventing Europe by embarking upon a deliberative process, first at local level, then at European level.


‘The Beginning of Life’

Posted on 6 July 2016 | Children & youthUncategorized

The Beginning of Life documents the lives of young children and their families across the world to help shine a light on the significance of the early years, and how a child’s environment during this formative stage can shape their cognitive, emotional and social development. The film features interviews with early childhood development experts from around the world and families of highly diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds, including supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and Phula, a girl who cares for her siblings by herself in India.


Guess who’s coming to dinner? A cultural integration project

Posted on 28 June 2016 | Diversity, migration & social inclusionHuman rights, citizenship & democracy

It is not a project of gastronomy: “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” is a project for creating relationships. The project was launched during the 2011 edition of the International Festival of Folk Oral Culture, with a communal dinner involving over 100 people united around one table in Piazza Carlo Alberto in the heart of Turin, the dinner itself prepared by the migrant families who participate in the project.

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Football Fitness gets more people moving

Posted on 21 June 2016 | EmploymentGenderHealth

Football’s health-related potential has nothing to do with the player’s gender, age, physical fitness or level of skill. Football can be used as an ordinary workout and to prevent lifestyle diseases and can even be included in the treatment of illnesses. Among Danish municipalities, this has raised awareness of Football Fitness as an alternative for a wide variety of users, such as diabetics or the unemployed.

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