Life beyond trafficking: Lessons from investing in the re/integration of trafficked persons in the Balkans

Posted on 24 June 2015 | Fabrice de Kerchove Human rights, citizenship & democracy

Human trafficking continues to plague the Balkan region, taking many forms and claiming many victims. Addressing and combating human trafficking has been an issue of priority for the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) in Belgium for many years. Most recently this has been in supporting the re/integration of victims of trafficking in the Balkans. The Trafficking […]

A journey to new Horizons, the story of the world’s first LGBT foundation

Posted on 18 June 2015 | Roger Doughty GenderHuman rights, citizenship & democracy

LGBT San Francisco, circa 1980 By 1980, San Francisco had already long had a reputation as a city friendly to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender (“LGBT”) people. As a result, the gay population was exploding, with tens of thousands of people pouring into the Bay Area from around the country – even the world […]

Time for inclusion: The Sustainable Development Goals and Disability

Posted on 6 May 2015 | Dominic Haslam Disability

You may or may not know that 2015 is the year when the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) run out. These eight goals target a range of international development outcomes, from access to water and sanitation through maternal and child health improvements to household income. I’m not going to critique the MDGs here as […]

Changing the economy for a better future

Posted on 18 March 2015 | Garry Jacobs Karl Wagner Socio-economic development, poverty

After decades of remarkable economic progress, Europe is losing faith in its economic future. Are we resigning ourselves to rising levels of unemployment and inequality; the physical limits imposed by wasteful consumption of natural resources and pollution; and increasing uncertainty and economic insecurity? The vision of an increasingly united, and prosperous Europe seems to be […]

The Ukrainian Crisis: The Certainty of Answers in Place of Questions

Posted on 4 March 2015 | Avila Kilmurray Human rights, citizenship & democracy

The Ukrainian Philanthropist Forum conference held in Kyiv last week was buzzing; the Forum Director, Anna Gulenska-Chernysh, seemed to be everywhere at once.  Balancing the arrangements for hosting Ukraine First Lady, Marina Poroshenko, with greeting the many volunteer group representatives, Anna still found time to make pertinent points about the need for charity taxation reform.  […]

International Development: A View from (near) the frontline

Posted on 16 February 2015 | Ambika Satkunanathan Socio-economic development, poverty

Reflecting on the role and impact of international development invariably requires grappling with a number of somewhat thorny questions; some old, some new. The question I consider here relates to equality and power disparity. In particular, whether power disparity exists between the funder and grantee, and if so how this inequality can be tackled. Power […]

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