Building bridges on the Afghan-Tajik border

Posted on 1 August 2017 | Environment & sustainable developmentGlobal challenges, peace-buildingSocio-economic development, poverty

The construction of a sixth cross-border bridge and market, together with investments in local enterprise, aims to bring economic prosperity and regional stability to one of the most remote border areas in the world.

Moving forwards by reflecting back: Early Childhood Matters 2017

Posted on 10 July 2017 | Children & youthEmployment

With the publication of Early Childhood Matters last month, we once again shine a spotlight on the earliest years of life. We look back at advances made for young children and families around the world, first to celebrate and learn, but more importantly to provide hope and momentum for the long journey ahead.

GHR Foundation: Why focus on family care?

Posted on | Children & youth

From Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Makululu Compound in Zambia, we are seeing children reunited with their families. These communities, recovering from issues like conflict or the impact of HIV/AIDS, are getting stronger day-by-day.

Aga Khan Development Network project company – Pamir Energy – wins prestigious Ashden Award

Posted on 5 July 2017 | Environment & sustainable developmentFoundations' operationsGlobal challenges, peace-buildingSocio-economic development, poverty

An Aga Khan Development Network project company – Pamir Energy – established in 2002 with the Government of Tajikistan and the World Bank has won a prestigious Ashden Award for bringing clean energy to over a quarter of a million people in eastern Tajikistan and northern Afghanistan.

10 tech issues that will impact social justice in 2017

Posted on 15 June 2017 | Uncategorized

This post originally appeared on the excellent Ford Foundation Equals Change blog earlier this year. In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, innovations in technology and data are inching us closer to a reality driven by automation, prediction, personalization, surveillance, and the merging of our physical and digital lives. This is taking place at the […]

Making a positive impact on Roma communities throughout Europe

Posted on 6 June 2017 | Diversity, migration & social inclusionHuman rights, citizenship & democracySocio-economic development, poverty

20 participants of the EFC annual conference met to discuss the future of private donor funding on Roma inclusion. The EFC’s Forum for Roma Inclusion presented results from a mapping of private foundation initiatives that are positively impacting Roma communities throughout Europe.

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