Christopher Wilton-Steer | Senior Communications Manager , Aga Khan Foundation UK

Aga Khan Development Network project company – Pamir Energy – wins prestigious Ashden Award

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

An Aga Khan Development Network project company – Pamir Energy – established in 2002 with the Government of Tajikistan and the World Bank has won a prestigious Ashden Award for bringing clean energy to over a quarter of a million people in eastern Tajikistan and northern Afghanistan.

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Wilneida Negrón | Technology Fellow, Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice , Ford Foundation

10 tech issues that will impact social justice in 2017

Thursday, 15 June 2017

This post originally appeared on the excellent Ford Foundation Equals Change blog earlier this year. In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, innovations in technology and data are inching us closer to a reality driven by automation, prediction, personalization, surveillance, and the merging of our physical and digital lives. This is taking place at the […]

Sarah Perrine | Chair , Forum for Roma Inclusion

Making a positive impact on Roma communities throughout Europe

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

20 participants of the EFC annual conference met to discuss the future of private donor funding on Roma inclusion. The EFC’s Forum for Roma Inclusion presented results from a mapping of private foundation initiatives that are positively impacting Roma communities throughout Europe.

Maria Fola | Communications Officer , Bodossaki Foundation

Communicating Philanthropy: who is listening?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

In our efforts to communicate philanthropy, what we really need to be looking at is the true essence of the word ‘philanthropy’ itself – people. It is their story that makes all the difference, it is their story we should be telling the world and then, perhaps, people and the media will begin to listen again. And care.

Rhodri Davies | Programme Leader, Giving Thought , Charities Aid Foundation

Can financial services companies use their blockchain experiments to help charities?

Thursday, 19 January 2017

FinTech is a hot topic right now across the financial services industry, government and beyond. Policymakers recognise that the UK has taken a lead in applying technological innovation to finance, and are keen to capitalise on that advantage by nurturing the nascent UK FinTech sector. At the same time, many traditional financial services firms are working with FinTech startups or developing their own innovations in order to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.

Alessio Mennecozzi | Project Manager , Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation

Food sustainability: joining forces for a common goal

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Our food system cannot feed us all. The world’s population is skyrocketing and climate change is affecting our planet. Facing the challenge of food sustainability is an urgent matter: we must rethink food production, distribution and consumption around the world in the framework of the UN SDGs and the 2030 agenda, searching for concrete and effective solutions.