Idryma Bodossaki was set up in 1973 by the late Bodossakis Athanassiadis, one of the most prominent Greeks of the century and the patriarch of Greek industry. Bodossakis bequeathed his fortune to the foundation with the mandate to continue supporting the promotion of its goals. It is a private non-profit organisation working for public benefit.
The principal objectives of the foundation are the promotion of education in Greece, the promotion of medical care in Greece, particularly for the poorer classes and the protection of the natural environment.
Geographic focus
Programme areas
The foundation is active in the following areas:

• Education and research
• Health and medical care
• Protection of the environment
• Financing non-profit organisations

Education and Research
- Post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships for studies or research in Greece or abroad on topics that include Law and Diplomacy, Business Administration, biomedical science and more
- Annual organisation of high quality topical lectures in the Physical and Life Sciences including Mathematics and Medicine
- The "Aristeion Bodossaki" excellence award and the prizes for young scientists are awarded for excellence in science, maths and social sciences

Health and Medical Care
Supports the improvement of hospital infrastructure and specialised medical units and institutions; biomedical research in university hospitals.

Protection of the Environment
Through collaboration with other partners the Foundation supports and funds projects that address the issues of environmental degradation and public awareness about sustainable living and climate change.

Financing Non-profit Organisations
Provides financial support to research and studies carried out by a range of non-profit organisations.