Founded in 1913, the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust was established as a think-tank and grantmaking organisation in the UK and Ireland. The trust is one of 22 based in the US and Europe, established by the Scottish-American, Andrew Carnegie. The Carnegie UK Trust has links with the network of sister trusts, one example being through co-organising the International Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy.
To improve the welbeing of people throughout the UK and Ireland, by changing minds through influencing policy, and by changing lives through innovative practice and partnership work.
Geographic focus
UK and Ireland, also part of the international network of Carnegie foundations.
Programme areas
The Trust's work for the period 2011-2015 is divided into two strands:

› Changing Minds

› Changing Lives

› Changing Minds
Seeks to develop objective, evidence-based policy to improve lives. It influences policy through gathering the facts, listening to opinions, analysing information and formulating solutions. The Trust monitors the policy landscape and provides targeted research on agreed topic areas. This research can be undertaken through in-house and contracted research, stakeholder panels and study visits. CUKT seeks to inform the policy debate through the strength of its evidence, the strength of its networks and partnerships, engagement with policymakers and sharing ideas through the media.

The Trust’s work over the next five year period (2011-2015) will focus on a set of three themes which all have the potential to contribute in a positive way to the wellbeing of people in their communities, in the regions and in the nations of the UK and Ireland.

The three themes are:

• People & place

• Knowledge & culture

• Enterprise & society

› Changing Lives

Takes forward the initiatives generated by policy and research (either the Trust’s own research or that developed by others) and develops them into practical pilot projects to be undertaken in partnership with other organisations interested in working in the same areas. The focus is currently on:

• Rural Community of Practice

• Community Land Trusts

• Mapping Rural Networks