The Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust was established in 1979 by a number of community activists who lobbied the then Labour Government to take a more active role in supporting social action and community development in Northern Ireland. In 2001, the trustees changed the name of the organisation to The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, becoming one of 62 community foundations in Britain and Ireland, and part of a growing network around the world.
To drive social change by tackling social exclusion, poverty and social injustice through funding and supporting community-based action and influencing policy development.
Geographic focus
Northern Ireland
Programme areas
The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland has a range of development programmes to increase peace and build prosperity in communities from Coleraine to Crossmaglen and from Omagh to Dongahadee. Currently, the foundation is focusing on the following programmes:

• From Prison to Peace Partnership
• Conflict Transformation - bottom up
• Bill of Rights Programme
• Communities in Transition
• Communities in Transition II
• Creating Space for Learning and Sharing
• The VOICES Programme
• Observatory
• SEARCH Project