Fundación Europea Sociedad y Educación is an organisation that aims to supply a strategic vision of education within the European environment. Derived from the idea of cooperation with the society and Government, it tackles key issues of quality, social cohesion, financing and democratic safeguards in the construction of a New Europe.
To be an active organisation that supplies a strategic vision of education in the European environment.
Programme areas
The foundation is active in the following areas:

• Representation at EU level
• Cooperation within the education sector
• Advice and consultancy
• Research
• Educational and social forums
• Public opinion

Representation at EU Level
Organises interviews, presentations and working meetings with key personnel at EU level, including the European Parliament, European Commission, and the Spanish Representations to them. The foundation also prepares information documents on the future of Europe in terms of education and civil society, and also participates in the Independent Schools Platform, a group of European non-governmental schools.

Cooperation within the Education Sector
Carries out projects with bodies active in the education sector such as professional teaching associations, unions and universities that address key issues in education. The foundation also takes part in developing initiatives focusing on educational quality, human rights, values, cultural diversity and social integration.

Advice and Consultancy
Carries out projects addressing the European dimension of education, and designs training programmes for executives and educational centres. The foundation also gives advice to educational centres (in France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Spain), on questions related to the right to education and freedom in teaching, and establishes proposals for training in: education, human rights, citizenship, values, cultural diversity and social integration and educational quality.

Operates the Institute of Educational and Social Studies comprised of professors dedicated to research and connected with different academic disciplines, and is structured in six different areas:

• Legal and political analysis
• Socio-educational analysis
• Educational financing
• Quality and Innovation
• European educational studies

The results of the institute’s research are published in books and presented at conferences, seminars and congresses.

Educational and Social Forums
Organises and takes part in conferences, congresses and symposia relating to education and democracy, citizenship and the right to education.

Public Opinion
Diffuses its findings via its press office. The foundation publishes two monthly electronic magazines containing current information for the foundation’s collaborators, and also operates a radio programme ‘Educar Hoy’ (Education Today) that discusses latest issues in the education sector.