ESF is committed to achieving the highest quality science in Europe to drive progress in research and innovation. They help their member organisations collaborate internationally on research programmes that they coordinate in almost every scientific domain. With 42 years experience in all areas of research, the ESF was originally set up to act as a coordinating body for Europe's main research funding and research performing organisations. but as the research landscape has evolved, so has ESF's role in supporting scientific endeavours. ESF's traditional research support activities have been wound down. They now provide services to the science community and also host high-level expert boards and committees to support them in achieving their objectives.
ESF provides a wide range of science support services to researchers, funding agencies and decision makers. ESF provides practical, skilled and interdisciplinary support across all sectors of the science community, advising and implementing initiatives for partners and clients.
Geographic focus
Programme areas
Peer review: identifying the best research and optimising the use of our partners' internal resources
Evaluation: maximising the impact of research policies and programmes to facilitate the achievement of excellence
Career tracking: generating high quality, reliable information on supply and demand for doctorate holders and their overall availability and mobility
Programme and Project management and administration: alleviating the administrative burden on research infrastructures and contributing to research success
Expert boards and virtual institute: providing effective secretariats, hosting platforms and organisational structures