Fondation Bernheim was created in 1974 by Emile Bernheim, who established L'Innovation department store in Brussels. He believed that the money earned during one's professional life should go back to society, as that is where it came from. Emile Bernheim died in 1985. The foundation became operational in 1998.
To support economic and social issues; education; culture and research; and peace.
Geographic focus
Belgium, Brussels Region
Programme areas
The foundation supports initiatives in the following programme areas:

• Entrepreneurship
• Peace and citizenship
• Training and research
• Culture

• Emile Bernheim Centre, Free University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium: aims to develop and promote advanced scientific research in management sciences
•Entrepreneurship Centre, ULB, Belgium: provides free services to students, teachers and researchers in the initial stages of setting up their businesses
•Bernheim Prize for Young Entrepreneurs: awards young students from universities in Brussels who have established innovative, sustainable and ethically responsible businesses
• Research scholarships: supports the exploration of business concepts and assessment of the relationship between commercial viability and social responsibility

Peace and Citizenship
• Le Pôle Bernheim d'Etudes sur la Paix et la Citoyenneté, ULB, Belgium: provides financial support for a pedagogical and research programme on peace and citizenship, in collaboration with other universities and scientific institutions in Belgium and abroad
• 'Classroom of Difference': an anti-prejudice diversity training programme and curricular resource designed for teachers to explore issues within the context of their work, including cultural identity; stereotypes and prejudices; intergroup relations; institutional discrimination; intervention strategies
• Media education: supports the development of interactive education tools for primary school children, focusing on how the media portray different cultures

Training and Research
• The Belgian Vocational Foundation: encourages participation of young people in social, cultural, artistic and technical vocation training
• The Institute of Judiciary Studies: promotes exchanges between law professionals, university professors and other representatives to discuss how law should contribute to society’s values
• Bernheim Stagiaires: offers bursaries for intern placements at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Belgian Permanent Representation to the EU
• Youth Empowerment Participation Project (YEPP): participates in a European network promoting youth education, responsible citizenship and the fight against prejudice and exclusion

• Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth: runs classes and related activities for promising young talent, including masters classes provided by internationally renowned artists
• The Emile Bernheim Belgian Literature Prize: awarded to young Belgian authors who have produced work of great literary value in the field of humanism
• The Erasmus House Gardens: supports the renovation of the Renaissance gardens to increase the quality of the urban environment
• Culture Centre: promotes cultural exchanges and the study of music and science