The EDF Corporate Foundation is one of the biggest corporate foundations in the French sponsorship sector, with 150 projects per year, a budget of 40 millions euros (for the period 2016-2019) and nearly 30 years of activity behind it. The foundation's philosophy? That all of us should come together to build a fairer, more human world. The EDF Foundation has been supporting social and community projects since 1987, with the aim of shaking things up in our society - a society currently facing major challenges, particularly with regard to social cohesion, and the building of a better world. In the face of such major changes, EDF has undertaken a reflection on the future of its foundation at the very heart of the company's preoccupations and values: respect, solidarity and responsibility.
The EDF's Group Corporate Foundation aimes to support projects about solidarity and progress. The Espace EDF Foundation cultural center aims to reflect this ambition through the programming of exhibitions and events. The mobilization of the entire company alongside project initiators is another key axis of the EDF Foundation's approach to sponsorship.
Geographic focus
France, Global
Programme areas
Humanitarian Aid in Emergency Situations
Supporting international development by promoting access to electricity and necessities (water, health, education, safety, etc.)