The “Ècole Libre des Sciences Politiques” was founded in1872 by Émile Boutmy in response to the political and moral crisis in France in the aftermath of the 1870 Franco-Prussian war. In 1945, after II WW, the “Ècole Libre des Sciences Politiques” took the name of Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (FNSP), while its legal status was changed from a free school to a private foundation in charge also of managing the newly established Institut d’etudes Politiques (IPS). Sciences Po’s legal structure, combining private and public law, is unique in France and it allows the establishment to develop an innovative educational model while operating at the centre of the French education system.

Five strong values have shaped the university’sdistinct organisational features:

-Pedagocical innovation

-Interdisciplinary studies

-Intercultural thinking


-Social Responsibility


To improve the development and promotion of political, economic and social sciences in France. Today the mission of the Foundation is to train open-minded and responsible citizens, to allow them to understand the world, and equip them to transform society

Geographic focus

France and Global

Programme areas

The organisation pursues its objectives by:

-providing education at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels,

-organising studies and researches in the field of social science,

-offering a platform for public debate,

-giving scholarships and grants for travel abroad,

-organising conferences and conventions,