Fondazione Adriano Olivetti (FAO) was established in 1962, soon after the death of Adriano Olivetti. He was an industrialist who had broad cultural and political interests which he applied to the Olivetti company, believing it should have an important social and cultural role in the community.
To develop and promote cultural, social and general activities and initiatives directed towards the education of citizens in harmony with the societies in which they live.
Geographic focus
Europe and US
Programme areas
The foundation operates in the following areas:
• Institutions and society
• Economy and society
• Community and society
• Art, architecture and planning

Institutions and Society
Organises and promotes conferences, seminars, research and publications that focus on the analysis of institutional reforms and legislative processes. In recent years, the foundation has dedicated particular attention to changes in the electoral system, and especially the behaviour of electors in Italy and Europe. Furthermore, it engages in the study of foundations both from an historical and contemporary point of view.

Economy and Society
Promotes study and research devoted to transformation processes within the social and economic fields, with particular concern for the themes and instances of the Olivetti experience.

Community and Society
Promotes and organises cultural projects of social relevance, also in collaboration with local administrations and the EU. These are aimed at social integration and the analysis of new forms of community life.

Art, Architecture and Planning
Organises workshops, meetings, presentations and exhibition projects on the themes of architecture, planning and the visual arts, analysing the diverse aspects of contemporary culture in an interdisciplinary fashion and promoting cultural and artistic dialogue and training.

The foundation also engages in publishing both in collaboration with publishing houses and on its own behalf with the series Quaderni della Fondazione.