"Fondazione Etica does not want to become a research centre, or a Foundation of education or political culture. In Italy, in fact, there are many organizations that organize conferences and publications, that often are excellent events, but that leave no trace in the everyday life of citizens.
The Foundation intends to be an active subject, capable of assuming their positions; an authoritative subject. It will not carry out studies and analysis, but it will do the motivating tool to build solutions and projects, so that the results and ideas are transformed into a common heritage of a country."

Source: website
Their mission is to elaborate a new idea of Country based on a modern public ethic.
Geographic focus
Mainly in Italy, but also other countries
Programme areas
Make proposals of public policies on the institutional, political, economic and social fields.

The Foundation operates primarily in the following areas:
- Reform of Rules (economic, political, social);
- Analysis of Institutions and the assessment of their performance according to the ethical indices;
- Modernization of the mechanisms of selection and affirmation of merit and competence;
- Affirmation of the responsibility principle of the public and private management;
- Restoration of transparency and precision of the information and communication;
- Application of the concepts of law and justice;
- Redefinition of the principles and policies of security and solidarity.

Source: website