The Monte dei Paschi Foundation was established on 28 August 1995 when the banking activities of the public-law credit institution were transferred to Monte dei Paschi Bank, Inc., whose origins date back to 1622 when it was founded on behalf of the Magistrates and people of Siena “so that it might have fertile development and regulations and rules, for the private and public advantage of the City and State of Siena”. With the approval of its new charter on 8 May 2001, the foundation assumed the juridical status of a private non-profit organisation with full statutory and management autonomy.


To pursue social welfare projects in the areas of scientific research, education, the arts and health care; to promote and finance initiatives for the benefit of the city of Siena, its institutions and its Province, in order to favour and encourage the creation and development of productive activities and the enhancement of economic resources; and to pursue the objective of carrying out community service and philanthropic work.

Geographic focus

The city of Siena and its province in Italy and Africa

Programme areas

The foundation operates the following initiatives itself:

• Fondazioni4Africa

• Biofund S.p.A.

• Biotechnologies

• Vernice Progetti Culturali

• Art Collection

• Toscana Life Sciences Foundation

• Collegiate Church of San Gimignano

• Ampugnano Airport

• Palazzo Chigi Saracini – The rooms and treasures of the collection

• Hugo Pratt – An Itinerary through the Imagination

In addition, the foundation supports third party projects within the following areas:

• Art and cultural heritage

• Education and training

• Scientific and technological research

• Public health, preventative medicine and rehabilitation

• Local development and low cost housing

• Volunteer work, philanthropy and charity

Art and Cultural Heritage

Focuses on the acquisition, conservation and promotion of architectural and artistic heritage. Examples of supported initiatives include the refurbishment of Spedale Santa Maria della Scala, a hospital which was constructed in about 1000 AD, and now houses the Museo Archeologico; and the restoration of the Jacopo della Quercia, named Fonte Gaia, a 15th century fountain located in Siena’s Piazza del Campo. The foundation also assists artistic activities through support of institutions such as the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena’s musical conservatory, which offers recitals and concerts.

Education and Training

Seeks to improve the infrastructure and capacity of public education institutes, particularly secondary and higher education establishments. Supported activities include the provision of computer hardware, fire prevention materials, ramps for the disabled; an Internet network; and multimedia material for the creation of a language laboratory.

Scientific and technological research

Finances projects and scholarships for doctoral study in applied and basic research in the areas of life sciences, social sciences, biomedical and medical sciences, natural sciences and technology.

Public health, preventative medicine and rehabilitation

Supports projects to improve the public health system and services. Supported initiatives include the provision of medical equipment; home care nursing services and residential nursing care for the elderly, disabled and minorities; and support for the International School of Robotic Surgery at the Misericordia Hospital in Grosseto.

Local development and low cost housing

Supports projects that promote economic development; improve the management of Siena’s public services and infrastructure; and improve the overall quality of community life.

Volunteer work, philanthropy and charity

Supports the establishment of voluntary and non-profit organisations in Siena and its surroundings; as well as the renovation and building of facilities such as a refuge for disadvantaged women; a ceramics workshop for the disabled; and a training centre to help people with multiple sclerosis gain autonomy.