The Foundation of the General Council of the Spanish Lawyers is a non profit organisation which aims to defend human rights. As a channel for the work of solidarity of Spanish lawyers, it has as a mission to help promoting structural and legislative changes to strenghen the Rule of Law (Estado de derecho) and assist the defense of rights and interests of the most vulnerable people. It supports projects both within and outside their borders, in the fields of defence, protection and promotion of human rights.
Geographic focus
Worldwide with particular interest in Latin America, Africa and the European Union
Programme areas
The work is structured on the basis of the pillars of consolidation of Human Rights: defense, protection and promotion.

1.- Defense: Through a direct support to defending lawyers in situations of risk and their contribution to judicial proceedings

2.- Protection: Impulse of the regulatory and institutional development trenghening the defense and guarantee of the fundamental rights and liberties.

3.- Promotion: Through dissemination activities, conferences, press and media, awards, in order to improve the public opinion on the importance of the respect of human rights.