Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung carries on the life’s work of George Karg, owner of the Hertie department store. Founded in 1974, the Hertie Foundation is one of the largest foundations in Germany.
To sound out new solutions in the fields of neurosciences, European integration, and learning democracy, and help towards their practical implementation.
Geographic focus
Programme areas
The foundation’s work pursues four objectives:

• Learning Democracy
• Promotion of research in the neurosciences
• European Integration
• Compatiblity of Job and family

This is undertaken via the following areas:

Preschool and School: focuses on language teaching, integrating children and young people from migrant families and helping schools and school students in qualifying for vocational training

University: engages in promoting education at universities with a particular focus on training prospective leaders

Neurosciences: seeks to further research in the neurosciences and especially the fight against diseases of the brain

Scholarship Programmes: combines education and European integration. The programmes address particularly gifted students from Europe who receive both ideal and material support for their education

Job and Family: the berufundfamilie gGmbH, which was set up by the Hertie Foundation in 1998, is now the leading authority and generator of ideas on the implementation of family-conscious personnel policy.

In addition, the foundation supports:

• Hertie School of Governance: an international teaching and research centre of excellence that prepares students for leadership positions in government, business, and civil society.
• Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research: the largest and most up-to-date centre for research and treatment of neurological diseases in Germany.