GHR Foundation applies entrepreneurial creativity and universal catholic values in the areas of health, education and global development.
Started in 1965 by Opus founders Gerald A. and Henrietta Rauenhorst, the Foundation seeks transformational change in health, education and global development, and partners with the world’s experts to achieve it. This results in a powerful exchange of ideas, and a community of thought leaders providing locally-driven solutions.
GHR is anchored with a belief in responsibility, action, and the knowledge that we are all deeply connected. Despite global challenges, we meet each task with entrepreneurial optimism because we have seen the impact of strategic, thoughtful change.
Their main objective is to meet global challenges with entrepreneurial optimism and apply entrepreneurial creativity and universal catholic values to foster hope and opportunity where it is needed most. They believe in the capacity and resilience of people – to develop and implement solutions that improve lives and build a better future for all.
Geographic focus
Global, USA, Special programs in Zambia, Cambodia
Programme areas
GHR Foundation’s health focus centers on turning the tide on Alzheimer’s disease. Impacting more than 5 million families across the U.S., Alzheimer’s disease has the highest cost impact on our economy of any disease. GHR funds research to uncover successful prevention therapies.

GHR Foundation invests in innovative, values-focused education to strengthen urban Catholic schools and private universities. Through its work in urban Catholic schools, GHR is working to bridge the achievement gap by increasing access and supporting academic excellence.

Global Development
GHR Foundation takes an integrated approach to tackling complex challenges through initiatives that empower Catholic sisters, strengthen inter-religious approaches and promote children being raised in supportive family environments. GHR funds projects that pair local insights with global best practices to create sustainable development solutions.