The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace was founded by Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès and Sharif István Horthy. For the first five years, the foundation sought and funded diverse projects in the areas of education and youth, inter-religious dialogues and community development.
In 2001 an increased sense of urgency was felt in the GHFP, following recent world events, to develop a strategy for a more proactive implementation of the foundation's mission. The new mission brought about major changes, which included the expansion of the executive board, new ways to work with other organisations and clearer approaches to their goals.
To promote and support peace, and a sustainable human future.
Geographic focus
North Africa; Asia; South America; Europe and the Middle East.
Programme areas
The GHFP works as a think-tank to investigate key areas of human interest. Through this process, the foundation gains an understanding of the dynamics of relevant topical issues, and therefore is able to arrange meetings where challenging questions can be posed in an environment that is conducive to change and transformation.

Key areas of concern are:

• Inter-religious dialogue for peace
• Human-centred education for transformation
• Sustainable livelihood for human development

Inter-religious dialogue for peace
Seeks to promote peaceful and humane culture by understanding the nature of dialogue and creating space for genuine dialogue amongst people from diverse backgrounds and with different worldviews, beliefs, and assumptions.

Human-centred education for transformation
The goal of the foundation's educational research, projects and conferences is to explore questions that professionals can use as a basis for discussion; and to develop a knowledge base to help inform stakeholders, educational practitioners, students and parents.

Sustainable livelihood for human development
The foundation's work in the area of livelihood focuses on identifying innovative solutions to the problems of poverty and injustice, and for sustainable development and transformation, including stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and human flourishing.