Established in 1959 in order to reduce poverty and inequality, the Inter-America Development bank is the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean. The group is specialized in financial support for small and medium-sized business, with a strong commitment to achieve measurable results, increased integrity, transparency and accountability. The Multilateral Investment Fund of the organization promotes the private sector growth through grants and loans, with an emphasis on microenterprise. The 48 member countries have a strong financial position and they support the design of the projects, as well as knowledge and technical assistance.
To promote the investment of public and private capital for development purposes,to encourage private investment in projects, enterprises, and activities contributing to economic development and to supplement private investment, to provide technical assistance for the preparation, financing, and implementation of development plans and projects.
Geographic focus
Latin America and the Caribbean
Programme areas
The organisation operates in the following programme areas:
- poverty reduction and sustainable development
- environmental and institutional development
- transparency and accountability