Johnson & Johnson is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly-based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services for the consumer, pharmaceutical and professional markets. The Johnson & Johnson family of companies, consisting of more than 200 operating companies in 54 countries, has its worldwide headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, US, where the company was founded over a century ago. The company currently employs 108,500 people.


To make sustainable, long-term differences to human health.

Geographic focus

Worldwide, with emphasis on the EMEA area and projects in communities where the company operates.

Programme areas

The company sponsors a wide range of initiatives, often in partnership with local J&J Operating Companies in the EMEA region.

• Partnerships

• Knowledge Transfer & People Engagement

• Discovery & Development

• Trust services

• Pillar 1

• Pillar 2

• Pillar 3


the Trust builds relationships with J&J operating companies in the EMEA region, and in turn creates partnerships with local community-based organisations and NGO’s.

• Focused partnerships: There has been a transition in the trust, moving from100% Trust funding for EMEA partnerships to 50% co-funding between the Trust and J&J Operating Companies in EMEA

• The Trust works in collaboration with Flagship Partners: Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and INSEAD Business School.

Knowledge Transfer & People Engagement

• Building bonds between J&J, partner organisations, stake holders and individuals and communities

• Runs the Trust Secondment Program, which is an opportunity for J&J employees in the EMEA region to share their skills and knowledge with trusted NGOs

• EMEA CSR Community is a network of dedicated Johnson & Johnson CSR professionals who manage our CSR portfolio of activities at a national level across EMEA, and who regularly connect to share best practice from within their locality

• Trust award recognition program

Discovery and Development

The aim of the programme is to find new solutions to the complex health challenges experienced by health systems and society as a whole.

• Advancing Health Alliance (AHA) is a network of individuals and organisations aiming to transform society’s approach to health improvement through social change.

• EURMED is a programme for responsible product donations to support vulnerable communities across the globe, in disaster situations or through local health programmes.

• ColaLife is project that is co-funded by the Trust, using the principle that consumer goods like Coca-Cola can be found just about anywhere in developing nations, yet basic medicines are scarce. An affordable and easy-to-use medical kit is distributed using existing networks, to reach remote communities with little medical support.

Trust Services

A programme designed to increase the effectiveness, transparency and accountability for the Trust and it’s partner organisations.

Pillar 1 – Saving and Improving the Lives of Women and Children

• Improve maternal and infant health

• Promote the health and development of children and youth

• Advance the empowerment of women and girls

Pillar 2 – Preventing Disease in Vulnerable Populations

• Prevent HIV transmission and improve care and supportive services

• Increase access to integrated solutions that prevent onset of chronic conditions & support those coping with them

Pillar 3 – Strengthening the Healthcare Workforce

• Increase interest in and reduce barriers to entering the healthcare workforce

• Improve the skills of health workers and community members who care for the underserved

• Improve leadership and management in healthcare system