The Jordan River Foundation (JRF) was established in 1995 and is chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. At the outset, the foundation initiated socio-economic projects for women to provide employment opportunities that enhanced their livelihood while developing their knowledge and skills in handicraft production and entrepreneurship. As the foundation matured, and the context of development evolved in Jordan, the foundation expanded its approach to one of sustainable community investments, integrating and serving community development needs.
To promote, in partnership with stakeholders, the development of a dynamic Jordanian society by supporting sustainable social, economic and cultural programmes that empower communities based on their needs and priorities.
Geographic focus
Jordan, United Kingdom and EU countries
Programme areas
The foundation focuses on the following areas:

• Community Empowerment Program (CEP)
• Jordan River Children Program
• Capacity-building and Business Development Services

Community Empowerment Program (CEP)
Through its various projects the CEP aims to empower communities, inclusive of the more vulnerable ones, to participate in creating their own economic opportunities and improving the quality of their lives. The program focuses on the following themes:

• Community participation: involving traditional and private sector leaders, community-based organisation members and local government officials in identifying the challenges facing their communities and designing activities to resolve them
• Sustainability: supports community ownership and fosters technical and transparent management skills among project beneficiaries, and stimulates creative solutions to age-old constraints to development by maximising limited natural resources and stregthening local traditions
• Economic Opportunities: creates permanent and temporary employment, mobilises resources in local communities and encourages entrepreneurial initiatives

Jordan River Children Program
Strives to secure children's rights and enhance positive child-rearing practices through activies such as the Child Safety Program (CSP). CSP aims to promote positive child-rearing practices to protect children, identifying, confronting and eliminating different kinds of abuse via the following:

• Intervention services and rehabilitation of abused children through a theraputic centre
• Community-based preventive activities and projects targeting parents and children to raise awareness about healthy child-rearing practices and equip children with the necessary skills to protect themselves from abuse
• Counseling services that provide information, advice and counseling to anyone concerned about child safety
• Public education to raise awareness about child abuse and provide alternatives on positive parenting
• Child protection training and workshops for organisations and individuals involved in the care, protection and education of children
• Queen Rania Family and Child Center providing integrated services and support to children and families

Capacity-building and Business Development Services
Aims to build the capacity of individuals, institutions and cooperatives by providing businesses with managerial and technical training services, consultancies, referrals and other services as related to community needs. The areas of expertise are as follows:

• Community mobilisation: encourages members of the community to take the initiative and participate in the design and implementation of projects according to the community's needs
• Improving local community efficiency in project management: emphasises the importance of local community contributions, while also cultivating members abilities to implement and manage projects successfully
• Business development services: builds the capacity of entrepreneurs and provides the necessary business management skills and knowledge to enable them to start and improve their businesses
• Institutional capacity-building for NGOs, CBOs and municipality planning committees: enhances and improves efficiency and ability to manage projects successfully while ensuring their sustainability