KR Foundation was established on 21 December 2014 by the descendants of engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen and VILLUM FONDEN in order to increase VILLUM FONDEN’s international activities within environment and sustainability. Initially, VILLUM FONDEN intends to grant DKK 1bn to KR Foundation over the next 10 years.
The mission of KR Foundation is to help provide answers to, stimulate mind shifts about, and encourage action on, the long-term challenges posed by current and future generations living on a planet with finite resources, fragile ecosystems, and climate change. They focus on addressing the root causes of climate change.
Geographic focus
based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but works internationally.
Programme areas
The two main focus areas of KR Foundation is Economy and Behavior and Living within the Earth’s Safe Operating Space.

KR Foundation generally engages in communication and advocacy based on existing knowledge as well as in the generation of new knowledge (e.g. think tanks, research etc). We also engage in other approaches, including affecting practices and behaviour.

What they fund:
•Support activities that address root causes, are scalable and have an international perspective
•Focus on activities that have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, including activities that aim to change mind-sets and behaviour
•Focus on activities that have convening power, facilitate cooperation between key stakeholders and help to link existing research and knowledge to action
•Support activities that help catalyse desired political processes at an international level and support new leadership (top-down approach) as well as activities aiming to communicate and create awareness (bottom-up approach)
•Are willing to take risks and support activities having the potential of contributing to transformative and systemic change, and challenging conventional wisdom by exploring alternative and creative approaches