The founders of the M.A.C company, Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, banded together with the M.A.C artists to create the M.A.C AIDS Fund in 1994, in a grass roots effort to make a difference in the world with a community outreach for HIV/AIDS.
To serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS.
Geographic focus
United States, Canada, Europe, South and Sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean, Asia Pacific
Programme areas
M.A.C. AIDS Fund is committed to supporting diverse organisations around the world that are providing vital services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Specifically, the fund operates programmes in the following areas:

The organisation works to support the most vulnerable populations around the world, to assist groups that have a much higher risk of contracting the HIV infection due to societal factors and certain high-risk behaviours. Each program funded uses tried and tested methods to reduce new infections through needle exchanges, or providing tools for safer sex.

the M•A•C AIDS Fund serves people of all Ages, Races and Sexes. They help connect people to the life-saving care, once they have it they ensure they continue to receive treatment. They support programs that provide treatment to pregnant women who are HIV-positive, to prevent transmission to the babies.

Basic Needs
They fund community programs and services that provide daily support and essential poverty-based direct services to people living with HIV/AIDS, who may not make a priority of their health in favour of other basic survival needs.

North America
• Community grants
• HIV and Ageing
• Harm reduction

• Affiliate Community Grants
• Focus on South Africa
• Focus on the Caribbean

Special programmes
• Women's Initiative
• Kids Helping Kids