Stichting VSBfonds was established in its present form in 1990. It is a private, non-profit organisation created to make donations to projects of general interest in the Netherlands. In doing so, the foundation operates closely in line with the ideals of its predecessors, the original Dutch savings banks at the beginning of the 19th Century.
To support projects that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of a liveable Dutch society, aimed at a sustainable future.
Geographic focus
Programme areas
The foundation offers financial support to projects falling under the following areas:

• Arts and culture;
Supports projects related to architecture and design; visual arts; dance; general heritage; film, video and photography; literature; music; restoration and the theatre. In particular they support documentaries that are focused on the development of heritage, especially when the documentary reaches a large and diverse audience. In general they have an interest in projects that aim at allowing people to experience arts and culture more intense, so more in-depth cultural participation, funds are distributed only for projects/organisations based and operating in the Netherlands.

• Social society
Supports projects which seek to improve the quality of life for members of Dutch society and promote independence, self-reliance, social interaction and participation. Special attention is paid to the elderly, care workers, the disabled, immigrants and homeless.

• Research and Life Long Learning
In cooperation with SNS REAAL Fonds they provide internships for students in higher and university education. Moreover they provide scholarship meant to study abroad or doing research abroad, the activities is meant to be an addition to a Dutch education programme Internships are not eligible. The duration of the study or the period of study abroad is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 24 consecutive months.