The Freedom Fund was conceived by three founders, Humanity United, Legatum Foundation and the Walk Free Foundation in mid-2013. As the three major private funders in the anti-slavery space at that time, they saw the need for a private donor fund to mobilise greater funding for the sector; drive an ambitious research agenda that would identify interventions that could be replicated and scaled; and unify a fragmented field. The Freedom Fund was officially announced by President Bill Clinton on September 26, 2013 at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.
The mission is to mobilise the capital and knowledge needed to end slavery. •They generate private funding by demonstrating how effective interventions can protect those at risk of being enslaved and free those in slavery. •They invest in those countries and sectors with the greatest incidence of slavery. •They analyse which interventions work best, and we share that knowledge. •They bring together a community of activists committed to ending slavery and empowered by the knowledge of how best to do so
Geographic focus
Global; Northern India; South-Eastern Nepal; Thailand; Southern India; Ethiopia; Central Nepal; Brazil
Programme areas
Anti-slavery investments
Promoting entrepreneurship
Create alternative livelihoods
Create rehab shelter
Legal support
Police training
Spread awareness and education on specific topics
Monitoring metrics of partners programs and evaluation
Qualitative research to assess local partners’ performance
Organisational capacity assessments
Sector and community-building initiatives
Mental Health Care