Since its founding in 1966, the Jerusalem Foundation has completed over 4,000 projects. From small neighborhood parks to world-renowned landmarks, the foundation is enhancing the life and vitality of every resident and every neighbourhood of Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Foundation, understanding the universality of Jerusalem and its importance as the focal point for Jews worldwide for over 3,000 years, is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that Jerusalem will become a modern open vibrant city while at the same time preserving the history of the city.
With universal and Jewish values as the source of its inspiration, the Jerusalem Foundation seeks to create a just society for all citizens of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Foundation works toward creating an open, equitable and modern society by responding to the needs of residents and trying to improve their quality of life. The Jerusalem Foundation will continue to pioneer change while at the same supporting efforts to preserve the history of the city.
Geographic focus
The City of Jerusalem
Programme areas
The Jerusalem Foundation focuses on the following areas:

• Community Empowerment and Economic Independence
• Coexistence – Living Together
• Cultural Life and Creativity